In Novosibirsk a zoo were born kittens, Siberian manul

In Novosibirsk a zoo were born kittens, Siberian manul

NOVOSIBIRSK, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. Two female wild cat Siberian Pallas ‘ cat has had her litter at the Novosibirsk zoo, the kittens have already started to come out in open cages, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday the representative of the zoo.

“This year, in may two contained in the zoo’s female Pallas’ cats brought the offspring. One two kittens, and the other six. They are now in this age that begin to emerge from their houses and they can see visitors,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

He explained that until now they were mostly with their mothers in their houses, and now started to come out in open cages.

Kittens coloring very similar to adult male, but differs in eye color in kittens they’re blue and yellow in adults.

The zoo said that in General it is very rare predator, but at the Novosibirsk zoo Pallas ‘ cats feel good and also give birth every year.

All Pallas ‘ cats are on the programme of conservation of the species, the coordinators keep track of all birth and subsequently give recommendations on the transfer of cats in other zoos.The representative of the zoo

Pallas ‘ cat is a rare predator of the steppes and polytope of Eurasia, is listed in the international and Russian Red books. According to scientists, the animal’s population is decreasing. In addition, it is threatened by poachers, there is a threat of the disappearance of suitable habitats. Russia is the northernmost habitat of this animal, here Pallas found mainly in mountain-steppe and desert-steppe landscapes of the South-East of the Altai Republic, republics of Tuva, Buryatia and South-Eastern part of the Transbaikal region.

Another name for Pallas — the Pallas cat. He got it in honor of the German naturalist Peter Pallas, who discovered Pallas on the coast of the Caspian sea in the EIGHTEENTH century. There is a hypothesis that it is related to Persian cats who like him fluffy wool, rounded shapes and quite unusual for the other species the shape of the head. The tips of thick gray wool — white, why it seems that Pallas ‘ lightly covered with snow. He has a more stocky build than domestic dogs. The weight of the Pallas’s cat is about five pounds. And legs thick and short.