Hungry rat disrupted a production of “Sleeping beauty” in Adelaide

Hungry rat disrupted a production of “Sleeping beauty” in Adelaide

Hungry rat tore the ballet “Sleeping beauty” in Adelaide, South Australia.

In the second act in the theatre suddenly turn off the light, and the hall plunged into complete darkness. About two thousand people were evacuated soon after it became clear that turning off the lights was not part of the Director’s vision.

The local power company later confirmed that the cause of the interruption in supply of electricity for the theatre was a rat.

The rat climbed 11,000-volt equipment and caused a short circuit.a spokeswoman for South Australia Power Network

The result of the unwise actions of the animal in the darkness has spread across the entire district on the waterfront, which is lined with theatres, galleries and concert halls. It was also disrupted performance of the dance group at the Festival Centre Adelaide.

Plunged into darkness during the 2nd intermission of Sleeping Beauty at Adelaide Festival Centre, informed power won’t be back til 11.30 so audience told to leave. Do the prince & princess get together??!! ?

— Emma Groves (@EmGrovesy) 11 Jul 2018

“Full darkness came in the second act of “Sleeping beauty”. We were told that electricity supply will resume no earlier than 11:30, and told everyone to leave the building. Gone if the Prince and Princess together?, asks Twitter Emma groves.

Despite the state of emergency, ballet continued for some time until the dancers did not stop the administration of the theater. They applauded out of the room, lit mainly by the screens of mobile phones.

Leigh Hawkins, head of the Department of theatre, responsible for the repertoire, said in an interview Hey-bi-si, that nothing like this has ever happened before, but what the audience reacted to it calmly. The audience was informed that the cost of the tickets will be reimbursed.

As far as we know, the culprit of the incident, did not survive his trip to the theater.