British police interviewed the victim from the “Newbie” in Amesbury

British police interviewed the victim from the “Newbie” in Amesbury

British investigators briefly talked to Charlie Rowley, who came in after poisoning with nerve substance “Beginner” in the English Amesbury, reports Sky news with reference to the statement of Scotland Yard.

In the district hospital, Salisbury, where unconscious was taken 45-year-old Rowley and his girlfriend 44-year-old don Sturges, previously reported in men, there are improvements. Sturgis died on 8 July.

Police are still trying to establish how the pair has been exposed to the poison. Law enforcement authorities still have not found a direct link between the latest similar poisoning incident in Salisbury where at the beginning of March from a “Newbie” suffered a former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. Skrypali recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

“It is necessary that a forensic connection was final, — said the head of the counter-terrorism unit of Scotland Yard Neil Basu. — However, this is a very rare substance prohibited by the international community, and it is unlikely that in one small English County had two unrelated incident.”

The police already checked the bus, which Rowley and Sturgis went to Amesbury, and continues to study the van Rowley. The working theory of investigators is that the pair touched the container in which was stored intended for Skripal toxic substance.