Volodin spoke about the rejection of criminal penalties for the performance of anti-Russian sanctions

Volodin spoke about the rejection of criminal penalties for the performance of anti-Russian sanctions

The state Duma is ready to abandon the norms on criminal liability for the performance of Western sanctions on Russia, said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. “In the second part of the bill (criminalizing incitement to sanctions against Russia), there is a consensus at all — the business community, experts and deputies”, — has transferred “Interfax” the words of the speaker of the state Duma.

The first part of the bill on criminal responsibility for the execution of anti-Russian sanctions — the state Duma has also amended the opinion after the dialogue with the business and expert community.

This article should either be within the administrative responsibility, or, in principle, this article can be taken and deleted.Vyacheslav Vladinvesttur Of The State Duma

On the question whether total removal of this provision from the bill, Volodin answered in the affirmative.

According to the speaker, “our task is to create conditions for attracting investment and to do all that it has increased”.

In the first edition of the bill prepared by Volodin, had been prescribed up to four years in prison for the execution of sanctions of foreign States (for example, for refusing to work with sanctioned Russian companies) and criminal liability for actions that contribute to the adoption of new anti-Russian sanctions.

The document has caused sharply negative reaction of the business, indicated that such rules are tantamount to a ban on foreign investment. “I am afraid that in choosing to fall under U.S. sanctions or to write off a Russian investment [foreign investors] will choose the latter” — said, in particular, in an interview with Reuters, the President of Sberbank German Gref.

Now the state Duma is discussing whether to maintain the administrative responsibility for the business performance of the anti-sanctions on Russia. Volodin did not rule out that the lower chamber will consider the draft law at the spring session (ending late July).