The Thai Navy said details of the operation to rescue the children from the cave

The Thai Navy said details of the operation to rescue the children from the cave

Twelve teenagers from Thai Junior football team and their coach were locked in semikilometrovaya the cave Tham Luang due to flash floods. They were found only after 10 days. The rescue operation lasted three days, all the kids and the coach brought to the surface.


BANGKOK, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. One of the main reasons the urgency of the evacuation of children from a flooded cave in Thailand was a drop in the level of oxygen in the cave, said at a press briefing on the closing of the joint staff of the rescue operations in Chiang Rai province, the commander of the troops of a special purpose Voyenno-naval forces of Thailand rear Admiral Apakan, Chongcao: “When we were preparing the evacuation and had discussed various options, it was in the first days after the children were discovered in the far chamber of the cave, the level of oxygen in the atmosphere of the cave began to fall.

6 — 7 July was only 15% oxygen, and the level continued to decrease, while the norm on the surface of 21%. At 12% oxygen in the air a person begins to fall asleep and falls into a coma. When it was discovered the decrease in the level of oxygen, it was decided on immediate evacuation, wait for more it was impossible.Apakan Changkakoti Admiral of the Navy of Thailand During the download an error has occurred.

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“We were hoping for a lowering of the water level in the cave due to its pumping, and the water level was really down, although quite slowly. We had hoped that the time will come when there will be fully flooded areas, which children would have to go diving. However, the lower level of oxygen and increased levels of carbon dioxide have not given us such possibility”, — said the Admiral, he participated in the dives in the cave along with his subordinates.

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