NATO warned of new threats from Russia

NATO warned of new threats from Russia

The leaders of the countries-members of NATO said about a possible threat from Russia. In the published Declaration States that Russia is violating international law and conducting provocative military measures.

According to the document, Moscow was criticized for destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, the deployment of missiles in Kaliningrad, the breach of space NATO attempt to intervene in the Affairs of other countries and the use of cyber attacks and disinformation. The Alliance called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. It is noted that NATO members are ready to dialogue, when it is indeed possible.

In the Declaration it is also reported about an agreement to create a non-combat mission in Iraq, and by 2020 the Alliance will be ready to lead in combat readiness in 30 days 30 30 battalions and aviation squadrons.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump called on the leaders of member States of the Alliance to double military spending. According to the American leader, instead of the two per cent NATO countries must contribute to the military four percent of GDP.

During the summit the heads of States of the Alliance signed a joint Declaration according to which, by 2024, contributions from the budgets for military spending should reach two percent. It is noted that the increase is welcome.