Why do ugly women have taken over the world.

If 15 years ago the words “model” and “model” were synonymous with “beauty”, in the modern fashion world it is not so. Designers transform the impressions that exotic and even extravagant show and that the models meet the intent of the writer, they should look at least strange. So, at the recently concluded Paris fashion Week the show was closed dark-skinned model with dreadlocks. “Ribbon.ru” followed what is happening in the XXI century transforming catwalk beauties in “monsters.”

Before it was all otherwise

The modeling industry as a separate sphere of professional activity not so many years. In the XIX century, fashion per se did not exist, the clothes sewed almost exclusively on the rich women used the services of fashionable, high-paying dressmakers (in those shameful times, women sewed almost exclusively women) who kept his own Studio, and women are poorer sewed and altered dresses himself independently. Industry ready-made clothes was in its infancy — the exception was except that accessories and hats, shoes are also ordered to measure the cobbler.

The situation began to change with the advent of large Department stores in European capitals and major cities. This process, which began in 1870-e years and quickly turned into a boom, perfectly described in the novel Emile Zola’s “Ladies ‘ happiness”. Dress decent women in Department stores, of course, not bought, but a Cape, coat, boa or another, rather, by the way, expensive items of outer clothing to find could. And in order to best demonstrate the potential buyers of fur or a Cape male clerk did not fit.

Shrewdly minded owners of large stores and well versed in the psychology of women. Things do not look much better on the hanger and not even on the dummy and on a living, moving, and preferably a beautiful woman.

Beautiful because here is another subtle psychological moment: seeing the thing on a beautiful woman, a potential customer who wants the same, because it seems that this thing will make a beautiful and her. But if the customer is not possible in a good and completely confident, she wants to show that she’s in a coat or stole will look gorgeous, and will at once overshadow poor prikazchitsa. The owners of Department stores began to actively recruit women (which, incidentally, was profitable, and men were supposed to pay more than their colleagues of the weaker sex who performed the same work for the same number of hours) and the preference, of course, the young, blossoming with pretty faces and flawless figures.

A trick many “Octavo Moore”, owners of large shops, to work, and so successfully that their example has decided to follow and “private traders” — the owner of a respectable company, making ladies ‘ dresses. Of course, this could afford only the really wealthy tailors to take in addition to staff of tailors, seamstresses, embroiderers, belosic and slepnir and even a mannequin could not all. But those who could, immediately or almost immediately found the sales growth and popularity.

Beauty, like any rarity, cost is not cheap: the first fashion models (a hundred years ago they were called exactly, but nowadays this definition has been almost displaced by the familiar word “model”), of course, inferior in terms of the salaries of the silent film stars or prima-ballerina, but employers have realized that there is little to pay for such a worker cannot be.

To maintain the appearance in a presentable, “commodity”, the models had to spend a lot of money — in fact, the situation has not changed much since then.

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The only significant difference between the then workers of the podium and the present is, perhaps, that the former model started his career much later modern. The price was canonical, Mature female beauty, not simpatichna podrostkovoy. Even in the “roaring” 1920-ies, when, in fact, originated the fashion for fragile, almost incorporeal, with childish forms of androgyny, on the improvised catwalks of the fashion houses went all adult ladies, not 15-year-old girl.

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A great help for the Paris modeling industry has become mass emigration from Russia after the 1917 revolution and the Civil war. In the French capital flocked aristocrat, noblewoman, and just intelligent and beautiful Russian woman homemade and secondary education, allowing them the freedom to explain in French.

On the catwalks of the Paris fashion houses, as in the French and founded by immigrants (for example, Irfe Felix and Irina Yusupov), there were even Princess. For example, Maria Eristov was the star of the house of Chanel: Gabrielle Chanel met Grand Duke Dimitri and favored his disgraced compatriots, Eristov was owned by three foreign languages and, as was supposed in those days, could not only show but also tell the client that she is wearing. In addition Aristovo, model Olympus pre-war France was dominated by Natalie Paley, sisters Obolensky, Gali Bazhenov and other Russian beauties.