Fedotov said that the increase of pensions to amend the pension legislation

Fedotov said that the increase of pensions to amend the pension legislation

Moscow. July 11. INTERFAX.RU — raising the retirement age should be accompanied by an increase in the collection of pension contributions and the cost efficiency of the Pension Fund, the Chairman of the Council on human rights under the Russian President Mikhail Fedotov.

“Today, raising the retirement age is aimed primarily at solving two tasks, I think: bridging the deficit budget of the Pension Fund and increase the level of old age pensions I would suggest to still call old-age pensions”, — said Fedotov on Wednesday at a special session of the HRC, dedicated to the project of pension reform.

He noted that “by itself, raising the retirement age, these problems will not solve”.

“Required, among other things, measures to improve the collection of pension contributions. Still a serious proportion of workers is in the shade, getting paid in envelopes”.

“We also need to carefully check the effectiveness of spending of funds of the Pension Fund,” — said the head of the HRC.

Also, according to him, remains unclear the issue of savings of citizens who died before the retirement age.

The Chairman of the Council noted that in 1995 the concept of reform of pension system was fixed, that the decisive factor of the load on the pension system is the retirement age.

“In this strategic planning document in 1995, the government acknowledged that raising the retirement age is necessary. As you will have to begin the transition to raising the age in order to increase the size of pensions has been named the second decade of the 21st century,” said Fedotov.

He recalled that the Minister of the economy then was a member of the HRC, Yevgeny Yasin, noting that its forecast was “more than accurate”.