China is preparing space station by 2020

China is preparing space station by 2020

Director of the Chinese management on engineering developments in the field of manned space flight of the first Chinese cosmonaut Yan livey said that by 2020, his country intends to start the module, which will be the main part of the orbital space station. “China is ready to begin an era of space stations”, — quotes the astronaut The Times.

It is reported that the station will be able to reside up to three astronauts and six — during a crew change. After placing in orbit of the Central module in the following years it will be joined two more.

In early July it became known that Russia and China can create a joint space station.

Own space programme, sometimes very ambitious, have a growing number of countries that had previously not been associated with active exploration. Among the States, conducting and planning their own satellite launches and flights into space are not only the major economic powers of the developing world, like China or India, but also countries such as Pakistan, UAE and Bangladesh.

Eugene Tail

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