As changing fashion for dogs in Russia? The study of Bi-bi-si

As changing fashion for dogs in Russia? The study of Bi-bi-si

How to market Pets affected by the “Game of thrones”, what problems animals brings the “lassie effect” and much of Russia left the fashion for “fighting” dogs?

In the 1990s, the Russians often chose purebred dogs are bigger and scarier. A decade later, by contrast, began to dominate the room like the breed of Pomeranian and Chihuahua.

“Sometimes, buyers and said: “I Want a dog in the yard all afraid”,” — says in an interview with the Russian service Bi-bi-si, the owner of the kennel Staffordshire Terriers Elena Ustinovsky.

Change preferences allow you to track the data of the Russian kennel Federation (RKF), the largest Association of dog breeders in the country, which is almost 30 years is the all-Russian genealogical book.

Judging by their statistics, the desire to scare others over time lost the desire to pricked (and at the same time to save square footage in the apartment).

According to various estimates, Russia is home to between 12.5 million and 20 million pet dogs — as noble birth and breed.

Thoroughbred can be called every second family dog in Russia, according to the company Kantar TNS, estimating their total number at 19 million (this data is referred to by the dog food manufacturer Mars Petcare in response to the request of Bi-bi-si).

Russian service Bi-bi-si analyzed data from the RKF breeds, the number of registered puppies which exceeded 1000 for the year. In 2000 there were 22, 2017 — 48 breeds.

Echo nineties

In the beginning the top of the rankings was occupied by the Rottweiler and American Staffordshire Terrier. Closes the three leaders of the compact Dachshund — small, but still a hunting dog.

The staffords were popular in the 90s “those who wore crimson jackets,” says Elena Ustinovskii, referring to the first entrepreneurs, as a rule, associated with the underworld.

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Media at the time created “the staffords” the reputation of the animals, dangerous to others — including their owners. A similar fate befell the Terriers, says Marianne Smooth, senior Secretary of the Committee on training and testing of working qualities of dogs RKF.

These rocks are erroneously called “rumble”, though among professionals such classification does not exist.

“It was very anxious to live, and buying a dog-the defender was a sort of psychotherapy. Coaches always warn that the dog will not protect from weapons,” — said the marketer, Dean of the Higher school of marketing and business development HSE Tatiana Komissarova.

Although Rottweilers have long ceased to be the most popular breed, the “guards” and “defenders” continue to make, for example, residents of cottage settlements in the suburbs.

Demand the past decade has used the puppies of the Central Asian and German shepherds, including the fact that they are bred for service in the police and army.

However, the three leaders they do not like — far ahead of small dogs.

There are several reasons of their popularity, fashion, income growth (more people can afford to have a purebred dog, but not all living conditions allow you to make big), easy to carry and maintenance. In addition, they can easily walk with children and the elderly.