The investigation into the “Winter cherry” said the pressure on the victim

The investigation into the “Winter cherry” said the pressure on the victim

KEMEROVO, 10 Jul — RIA Novosti. Senior investigator for particularly important cases under the Chairman of SC of the Russian Federation Rustam Gabdullin said that the victims in the case of a fire in the Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry” pressure from colleagues accused the chief of the fire service Andrew Burkina.


Boursin is accused of negligence when extinguishing a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry”, where on 25 March killed 60 people. According to investigators, he had not arranged a management of forces and means of fire fighting garrison of the place of fire in the premises of the shopping center, not organized properly exploration, from the building people died. Earlier defendants in the case were 10 people, including owners and managers of the building, the security guard, heads of the regional emergency, and is responsible for the fire alarm and direct the fire extinguishing. They are all arrested.

“The victim threatened via social media, on the eve of the courthouse, there were about 20 men who have made personal insults and threats towards the victims. It was a colleagues Burkina… They were taking pictures of the machines where those came from… On the victim, the pressure is on all data address and year of birth — known to the accused,” said Gabdulin at the meeting of the Central district court of Kemerovo, where on Tuesday considered the issue of electing a preventive measure Borsino.

Boursin himself in court, denied any involvement in threats to victims or trying to bribe them. The representatives of the victims present at the meeting, also said that personally Bursin had pressure on them, but blamed his fellow emergency workers.

“Through the media and social networks are under pressure, they say, are going to put out, we fear for their lives and children. The accused has the opportunity to review our personal data. We are afraid that we will come home,” said one of the victims.

As previously reported, the investigation seeks the court about the arrest Burkina for two months — until September 7. The hearing continues.

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