Girl with frozen eyelashes showed a “typical dinner” in the summer (photo)

Girl with frozen eyelashes showed a “typical dinner” in the summer (photo)

And don’t even know what time of year there is better.

Anastasia Gruzdeva from Yakutia became an Internet star when winter published a photo with frozen eyelashes, densely covered with snow. Then about severe Russian frost found all over the world. And now (again thanks to Nastya), the whole world learned about a summer nightmare Yakut (and not only) inhabitants of the huge flocks of mosquitoes.

The girl has published in Instagram photo with wildflowers. And it would be great if Anastasia is not swarmed dozens of blood-sucking insects.

Sponsors of the photo-bouquet of flowers and the absence of comerence?? I want to stop and make the bed? Or collect a bunch? Then feed a crowd of mosquitoes??♀ app Was it awful?

Publication of Anastasia Gruzdeva (@anastasiagav) July 8, 2018 at 6:44 PDT

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Terrible picture began to gain popularity and to scatter on social networks, and in the comments netizens were horrified so many mosquitoes.

Although this story is not new to the residents of other regions of Russia. For example, a similar picture could be observed in early summer in the Voronezh region.

My face itches now

— Christina Vasileva (@ChrLeond) July 9, 2018

Brrr, the horror

— ヴラッド (@Vladio25) July 9, 2018

Poor girl …

— Vladimir Dmitrenko (@utahvova) July 9, 2018