The passport is no longer needed. Why do you need to take the biometrics and how it will change Russia

The passport is no longer needed. Why do you need to take the biometrics and how it will change Russia

From 1 July in Russia it is possible to submit biometric data and to use banking services remotely. Journalist, Hi-Tech went to the Bank for biometrics to test new service and tell you how it works and why you need.

Why we need biometrics

A single biometric system (EBS) developed “Rostelecom” on behalf of the Ministry of digital development, communications, and mass communications. While the system loads only two parameters: the voice and face. In the future these can be added fingerprints and retinas.

EBS is needed in order to allow users to confirm the identity of the passport in the Bank, and using the camera and microphone of your smartphone. Identification will be on the portal “public Services”. There in your office, you can see, you have passed the biometrics or not. Later this system will be used in healthcare, education, transport and other spheres.

What banks accept

The system is free, open from 1 July. It is already possible to give Alfa-Bank, ROSBANK, VTB, Post office Bank, “Tinkoff Bank” and other banks. “Sberbank”, by the way, this list is not yet included. Venue — all regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad to the Far East.

Trouble finding locations where you can go through the procedure to not be. VTB biometrics takes 200 branches across the country, Alfa Bank, appointment goes to the 81 Department, ROSBANK — 61 office. Difficulties can arise at inhabitants of small towns, their banks will be connected only in 2019.

How is the delivery

You need to call your Bank to find out if they can give my biometrics. For us it was ROSBANK. First, though, I had to make an account and a debit card — you need to be a customer of the Bank to take it there. With them, you will be asked to bring the passport and SNILS. You still need a profile on the portal “public Services” — if not, the Bank staff will help arrange.

News“public Services” installed on all new smartphones in Russia

First you will be asked to sign the consent to the processing of biometric data: facial images and voice recordings. Followed by itself the biometrics. In the office of the Manager on the table — a miniature camera and microphone. He’s not the most expensive, but all the equipment meets the technical requirements of Rostelecom, representatives of ROSBANK.

The first part is the “delivery person”. In front of the camera need to sit directly, close enough to her that the Bank Manager took the photo. It feels like doing the passport.