Players save one

Players save one

Divers are taken out of children stuck in a cave in Thailand.


The Thai military and international team of divers continue the rescue operation of children’s football teams for more than two weeks sitting in a flooded cave. At least eight children already managed to bring out. They were taken to the hospital. Operations hampered by heavy rains. In the cave working bilge water pumps. In addition, tests of the rescue capsule holds a businessman and inventor Elon Musk.

On Monday in the North of Thailand continued the operation to rescue the children and their football coach from the cave complex of Tham Luang Nang Non, flooded with rains. The divers were able to hold through the caves with a length of four kilometers of four children who have learned to use the device for scuba diving. Four more were withdrawn to the surface this afternoon.

The Governor of Chiang Rai province Narongsak Oskoltelecom told reporters that the children are taken to hospital, where they were examined by doctors, reports the Bangkok Post. According to him, the operation on Sunday took a few hours less than expected. “This was excellent work,” the Governor said.

He stressed that the authorities will not publish the names of the saved for a number of reasons, including to avoid negative discussion of the choice made, whom to lead out first.

You can save names saved in the secret of journalists on duty in front of the cave, asked to be removed away, and the parents of children held inside.

Pictures of children also do not apply. According to the Governor, the health saved is satisfactory. Now the doctors keep them in isolation, waiting for their eyes to adjust to the light, the children spent ten days in complete darkness and another week in a poor light chemical lamps. “This morning they (saved.— “B”) wanted to eat and asked with Basil fried rice”, — said the Governor. He stressed that Monday’s operation was resumed early in the morning, and hoped that by evening the number of survivors will increase.

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June 23 football team “Wild boars” from 12 children aged 11 to 16 years and their 25-year-old coach was walking in a mountain Park in Northern Thailand, and went into the cave complex of Tham Luang Nang Non, the length of which is about 10 km due to the strong downpour part of the cave was flooded and children could not go. Ten days the Thai military conducted the search with participation of international experts, including from USA, UK, Australia and China. July 2 British divers found the missing four kilometers from the entrance. Children and their coach was sitting on a small surface area, speakers above the water.

WATCH: BBC News team see two ambulances leaving the cave site amidst unconfirmed reports of more trapped team evacuated from cave #thamluangcave #thamluang #ถ้ำหลวง #13ชีวิตติดถ้ำ #13ชีวิตรอดแล้ว #พาหมูป่ากลับบ้าน #ThailandCaveRescue

— Howard Johnson (@Howardrjohnson) on 9 July 2018.

Experts pointed out that the cave is very difficult conditions, the portion of the tunnel goes steeply down and flooded completely. In addition, divers have to swim in murky stream water.

Spoke the option to leave the children in the cave until October, when the end of the rainy season. However, meteorologists predicted that with the last weekend in the region will start the heavy rains that threatened to completely flood the cave. Drilling holes in the center of the cave and the search for alternative access to the grotto with the children also brought no success.

In the end, it was decided to take the kids one at a time with the equipment for diving.

Rescuers acted with greater caution, given the deaths on 7 July in the cave of one of the Thai divers. 37-year-old Saman Gunan previously served in the Navy of the country, he joins voluntarily. He was taken to the grotto, which was full of children, oxygen cylinders, and on the way back he didn’t have enough air. His body was taken away by his colleagues.

Divers noted that when driving to the exit it helps the flow of water, which also goes in this direction. Therefore, if the path deep into the cave took 4-5 hours, the way out is about an hour. Although with children, this path will take longer, as they’ll need a rest. To do this, rescuers created in dry areas stocks of food and oxygen cylinders. In addition, to maintain the water level in the cave, there are bilge water pumps.

The SpaceX team has already finished the test mini-submarine with a man inside and will soon send its aircraft to Thailand.

— Elon Musk News (EN) (@Elon_Musk_News) July 8, 2018.

Chapter companies SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk said that together with the cavers discusses ways of salvation find themselves locked in a cave in Thailand adolescents. He held talks with Thai military and suggested to use a small escape pod. In his Twitter he posted a few videos showing the progress of the tests in the pool. “Received excellent feedback from Thailand. The first option is a simple tiny submarine with a balloon from the liquid oxygen from the Falcon rocket as a body. Light enough that it can transport two divers, small enough to pass in narrow places. Extremely durable,” wrote Mr Musk. He added that such a boat can be slightly modified and used in an escape pod in space.

On willingness to help also stated in the EMERCOM of Russia, however, request from Thailand is not followed.

Thai cave rescue | Here’s what we know:

• 8 boys rescued since Sunday

• 4 boys and their soccer coach remain inside the cave

• Operations completed for the day

• Rescued children are recovering at a hospital

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— CNN (@CNN) on 9 July 2018.

All we know is:

– Sunday rescued 8 boys; – inside the cave there are 4 boys and their football coach; – today operation suspended; saved children are hospitalized.

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