Noble house

Noble house

What to do in the most beautiful villages of Russia.

Buryat old believer village of bol’shoy Kunaley is recognized as one of the eight most beautiful in Russia. Who else has received this title as to these places to get what there is to see and do, I find the portal

Bol’shoy Kunaley, Buryatia — bread, songs and coloring pages

All the houses, barns and fences on six streets of the village bol’shoy Kunaley painted in bright colors. This is the tradition of the old believers who settled in the place in 1765. It was supported in the early twentieth century, when there lived 5 thousand people worked 27 17 mills and forges. And now, when the population was reduced to 1 thousand people, has its own school and house of culture.

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In addition to bright clean homes, some of which, for a century and a half, being in the village is to see the performance of Bolshesosnovskogo semeiskie folk choir. The oldest song the team of Siberia and the Far East was established in 1927. Make it gray bearded men in satin shirts. Choirs performing folk songs rare semeiskiye tune, often acts in the United States, Europe and Japan.

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So no homemade bread here will not succeed. Except it prevails in the kitchen of the old believers, the meat — roasted and braised in the oven. That is, if no posts in a year is approximately 250 days.

Bol’shoy Kunaley hotel is 70 km from the capital of the Republic of Buryatia Ulan-Ude. And 20 km to the East of the district center, the village of Tarbagatai, in the valley of the middle reaches of the river Kounalaki.

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In Vorovoro there is a unique monument of wooden architecture — the only “tee” on the beach. It consists of St. Nicholas Church (1636), Vvedenskaya Church (1793) and belltower (XVIII century). Ensembles of wooden churches of the severe kind previously housed in large parts of the White sea coast. Now — only here.

To see the monuments and expressive sunsets in Vorzogory regularly go travelers, artists and photographers. The first mention about the village dated 1559. Then it was a center of shipbuilding. Until the seventeenth century Worthersee craftsmen built ships for the monks of the Solovetsky monastery.

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Vorzogory village is located 25 km West of the town of Onega. From there you can reach by boat in 15 minutes, costs 35 rubles. And from Arkhangelsk there is a bus № 530. Five hours and 500-600 rubles for one way ticket.

Vyatka, Yaroslavl oblast interactive museums merchant’s life

The conference first in Russia received the status of being the most beautiful village. Although the village is an old merchant settlement called easy. Already in the XIX century here was a small town with cobbled streets and stone mansions.

Today the houses open ten museums. Among them the house of the merchant Gorokhov, where you can work in the shop of a merchant and pickle vegetables according to the recipe of the XIX century. Polytechnical Museum, which will allow you to create an engraving on the machine of the last century. And “House of angels” with an exhibition devoted to the first Russian industrial climber — Peter Telushkin, which in 1830 was repairing a damaged wing of the angel on the spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

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Between the museums there is an amusement Park with reconstructed according to ancient drawings of swings and roundabouts. It makes sense to walk around the village and along the banks of numerous small rivers flowing in this area. To reach Vyatka can be Lyubimskiy the road is 30 km from Yaroslavl, 300 km from Moscow.

Oshevensky Pogost, Arkhangelsk region, Northern architecture and savoury biscuits

Oshevensky to go to the Graveyard (or Churchyard) is another village in the Arkhangelsk region, received the title of the most beautiful — worth it for the sake of the historical quarter traditional Northern building. At its center is a wooden Church of the Epiphany with an octagonal dome and a separate bell tower in 1787. This is the first.