In Spain, the bull took off part of the scalp with a Matador

In Spain, the bull took off part of the scalp with a Matador

MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. The famous Spanish Matador Jose Padilla was injured after a collision with a bull during a bullfight in arévalo (Autonomous community of Castilla and león).

In the video, much as the bull touches 45-year-old Matador, after which he falls to the ground. The man received several blows, but was able to get up and run away. In the battle with the animal Padilla lost some skin on the head. He was immediately taken to the hospital and was successfully operated.

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“I’m all right, and I want to assure everyone that after the incident are in very good condition”, — quotes RT words of the man.

Invencible @Padillaelpirata curándose Aquí con el Dr García Perla, nunca se rinde y esta semana se despedirá de su Pamplona. Esta noche estará en @La_SER @Radiole_oficial @CaracolRadio @WRADIOMexico @radioplatinumec como siempre y con toda la actualidad de la Fiesta

— Manolo Molés (@ManoloMoles) July 8, 2018.

Jose Padilla is one of the most famous matadors of Spain. In addition to various awards over career, Padilla has received more than 30 injuries.

So, in 2011, in Zaragoza bull was deprived of his eyes, causing the man nicknamed “the Pirate”. In the same fight Matador broke his cheekbone and jaw, and damaged my right ear that now hears. Last year at the bullfights in Valencia, the bull broke Padilla the edge.