How your age affects your appetite

How your age affects your appetite

Food we need every day, but as we age our attitude about it changes, and these changes can greatly affect our health.

Whether you eat to live or live to eat? Our relationship with food is quite complex, they are affected and the price of the products and their availability, and even pressure from others.

But all the people understand what the appetite. The desire is there — we all experience it.

Hunger (how our body makes us want to eat when in need of food) is just one of the factors that influence appetite, not the only one.

In the end, we often eat when not hungry, and can sometimes refuse food, despite the fact that we very hungry.

A recent study demonstrated the diversity of factors that influence our desire to eat: smells, sounds, advertising… In today’s world so many temptations associated with the food that they become one of the main causes of overeating.