Deripaska has seized one million roubles from Fish and Leslie

Deripaska has seized one million roubles from Fish and Leslie

UST-LABINSK (Krasnodar Krai), 9 Jul — RIA Novosti. Ust-Labinsk the court sought 500 thousand rubles with Anastasia, Vashukevich (Nasty Fish) and “coach” Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie) at the suit of the businessman Oleg Deripaska on the protection of privacy, said the assistant Chairman of the court Oksana Boiko.

Thus, the claims were partially satisfied. Protection of the billionaire wanted to obtain from the defendants a total of two million rubles. A lawsuit against Vashukevich and Kirillov Deripaska filed due to the fact that they are published in social networks pictures of him and secretly recorded conversations.

The decision takes effect in a month unless appealed. Process passed in the closed mode. Neither the defendants nor their representatives did not attend the meeting.

Leslie Fish for several months in the Thai prison, where they were placed for conducting illegal “sex-training”. Them and six others accused under four articles of the criminal code of Thailand, connected with the organization of prostitution in the criminal group. They face long prison terms. The trial is due to begin on July 19.

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