British military sometimes breaking the Internet with subs

British military sometimes breaking the Internet with subs

The Navy of great Britain in the North Atlantic efforts to counter the growing threat, the Admiral said Jones.

The Royal Navy of great Britain will strengthen its presence in the North Atlantic ocean to monitor the actions of the Russian Navy. Lord-Admiral Philip Jones said about the spectacular possibilities of the Russian fleet and reported that the Russian submarine can sink to the bottom of the sea cables, which transferred 97% of global Internet traffic, in particular, information on the financial transactions 10 trillion dollars a day.

“We know that the Russians can find the cables [of the Internet] and to work with them even in such difficult conditions on a very great depth,” said Jones in an interview with Sky News.

The fact that their ships go exactly where are these cables, and release a submarine floating base, already tells us that they at least investigate the possibility of any operations with the cables.Philip Concord Admiral NewsRussia may leave US without the Internet?

Jones added that the Kingdom is organizing a new area of joint operations that will often withdraw the fleet in the North Atlantic.

The Lord Admiral saw that 10 years ago no one would have predicted such a speedy update of the Russian Navy. Jones described the fleet in the North Atlantic ocean as force “very modern, very capable… very impressive,” and noted that “[Russian] is clearly largely invested in the development of its Navy.”