40 percent of the population have excess weight

40 percent of the population have excess weight

In 2013, Rosstat began to examine the diet of the inhabitants of the country that are doing just a few countries in the world and which is conducted in five-year intervals. This was reported to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in an interview with the head of Rosstat Alexander Surinov.

“The first round of monitoring revealed food preferences among different groups and showed that Russia is the problem of excess supply. That is about 40 percent of the adult working-age population (aged 19-60 years) is overweight,” said he.

Established the commitment of the Russians to the consumption of meat, depending on place of residence and income and, on the contrary, a distinct lack of fish consumption. Most children and adults more often than once a week, we ate boiled sausages, which is not a sign of a healthy diet. “It also revealed an apparent lack of consumption of vegetables and fruit, and, although to a different extent, but it is characteristic of all income groups,” continued Suriname.