Rescuers brought the first students from the flooded cave in Thailand

Rescuers brought the first students from the flooded cave in Thailand

Rescuers in Thailand are brought to the surface the first two students from 13 people, which for more than two weeks were in the cave Khao Luang, reports the South China Morning Post.


Two teenagers had to overcome more than 4 km to reach the exit of the cave.

The operation to output to the surface locked in the cave children and the coach began on Sunday morning, July 8. In the farthest channel, where they are, went 13 professional divers from around the world and five of the most experienced combat swimmers of the naval forces of Thailand.

Video della prima ambulanza con il primo dei 3 ragazzi usciti dalla grotte a Chiang Rai portato all elicottero. Anche il secondo è stato portato via in elicottero #ThamLuang #ถ้ำหลวง #Thailandia #ThaiCaveRescue

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Previously appeared the first pictures of the rescue of schoolchildren, reports REN TV. The video shows how the divers are on the routed cable through the narrow cave. The way they light the flashlight. Sometimes they have to dive under the murky water.

There are so many things that needs the worlds prayers right now but I ask ALL who see this tweet to please pray with me for these boys. I have 3 sons and to think…. well i can’t even… please just pray ??#ThaiCaveRescue#Thamluangcave #ทีมหมูป่าอะคาเดมี #ถ้ำหลวง #ThamLuang

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12 adolescents aged from 11 to 16 years of football schools went with 25-year-old coach to the cave of Tham Luang June 23, however, a few hours a heavy rain began, and the entrance to the cave is flooded. Children searched for 10 days.