From flooding in Thailand cave brought four children

From flooding in Thailand cave brought four children

Four students from 12, blocked by the flooding in Thailand the cave, brought to the surface during the rescue operation, reports TV channel Thai PBS.


BANGKOK, 8 Jan — RIA Novosti. Two children have already been delivered to the hospital in Chiang Rai, 60 kilometers from the cave, two more are in a field hospital at the entrance to the cave, they are ready to be sent to the same hospital where prepared all the conditions for successful rehabilitation after a two week stay in the cave.

Video della prima ambulanza con il primo dei 3 ragazzi usciti dalla grotte a Chiang Rai portato all elicottero. Anche il secondo è stato portato via in elicottero #ThamLuang #ถ้ำหลวง #Thailandia #ThaiCaveRescue

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Twelve teenagers from the local Junior football team and their coach disappeared on June 23. They went into semikilometrovaya the cave Tham Luang and were cut off from access because of flash floods. The search continued for 10 days. Children and their coach were found in the cave alive, but weakened from hunger. Now rescuers have to bring them to the surface.

On Sunday morning, chief of staff rescue operation Narongsak Ostracon announced the launch of a rescue operation to evacuate the teenagers and the trainer out of the cave.