In Egypt found the ancient brewery

In Egypt found the ancient brewery

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered in the Nile valley, the remains of buildings and tools that were used to prepare five thousand years ago.

Archaeologists have discovered in the Nile Delta ruins potentially the oldest brewery on Earth where the Ancient Egyptians brewed beer over five thousand years ago, according to Luxor Times.

We found the tools brewers, as well as the mummies of people and dogs — Arabian greyhounds, one of the most rare and ancient breeds of hunting dogs, which suggests that their owners were rich and famous people.Ayman Armavirkabel of the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt

Beer is considered today one of the most ancient of spirits that exist on Earth. The first of its kind, as shown by excavations in Ancient Egypt and in China, appeared more than four thousand years ago, and since then, the brewers invented thousands of varieties of this heady drink.

The first traces of brewing was discovered in the oasis of tel-El-Farha twenty years ago, a Polish expedition of archaeologists who conducted excavations on the territory of one of the ancient temples in the Nile Delta. This finding, as noted by Ashmawy, has become particularly important later, when scientists discovered that the ancient Egyptians repeatedly opened and “forgot” the secrets of brewing.

This year archaeologists again lucky — Ashmawy and his colleagues managed to find just two buildings where beer was brewed in the last era of the pre-dynastic period, when Egypt began to unite under the rule of monarchs, who became the first Pharaoh of Lower and Upper Kingdoms.