In Britain released a transparent jeans (photo)

In Britain released a transparent jeans (photo)

Previously, the company has experimented with Frank pants, but this time they decided to go even further.

British women’s clothing brand Pretty Little Thing was again forced to speak about itself. In may, they introduced jeans, torn at the buttocks, but such frankness, apparently seemed to them a little. And in early July, the market entered fully transparent plastic pants with the zipper in the front. Is this new $ 40.

Right pretty little thing, TROUSERS TRANSPARENT!? Wee bit too much

— Beth McDaniel (@bethyymcdaniel) July 2, 2018

Why designers need to fully undress girls and dress them in completely transparent plastic — is unclear. Users of the Network, this impulse is also not appreciated. But most likely, despite the strangeness of this clothes, buyers to it still there.

Transparent trousers are back and come with a trendy twist

— Evening Standard (@standardnews) October 5, 2018