What the monuments scheduled for demolition in Poland

What the monuments scheduled for demolition in Poland

In 2018, the Institute of national remembrance of Poland (IPN) has recommended demolition of the 75 monuments built in Poland after the Second world war. Most of them devoted to the exploits of soldiers-liberators. Nine monuments in the list established in honor of the Polish-Soviet brotherhood in arms (such monuments usually represent the figures of two soldiers in the Polish and Soviet) five — in memory of Soviet prisoners of war, seven in the memory of the Soviet partisans.

The list includes monuments of the 13 provinces — thus settlements that will work on their dismantling, scattered throughout the country. Only four monuments are located in large cities, is a monument of gratitude to the red army, established in Skaryszewski Park on the right Bank of the Vistula river, two obelisks erected in honor of the liberation of wrocław in 1945 (one of them is in very bad condition), as well as a plaque in Lodz. The rest in smaller towns and even in remote villages.

The list also included two tanks on pedestals is in Scinawa and Skierniewice, despite the fact that, as pointed out by interlocutors “” in the of the INP, their removal will require significant expenditures.

Some of the monuments are in a dilapidated condition, many have been vandalized. For example, at a monument to fighters against Nazism in the town of Wielun in the łódź Voivodeship every year on January 18 with the participation of veterans marked the anniversary of liberation from Nazi occupation. However, in 2015, local media reported that at the ceremony there were young people shouting anti-Communist slogans. Previously, the monument in Wieluń spilled paint.

That INP has compiled a list of sites recommended for demolition, has repeatedly told the media. First reports said about 450 monuments and 230. In April 2018, Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreyev said that the list was never published.