Venezuela has threatened to make US “another Vietnam”

Venezuela has threatened to make US “another Vietnam”

MOSCOW, 5 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela Diosado Cabello warned the US to arrange “another Vietnam” in case the us government decides to invade the country. About it reports newspaper El Tiempo.

Earlier media reported that in August last year Donald trump at the meeting, which discussed sanctions against Venezuela, asked his advisers the question of the possibility of military intervention on the territory of the Bolivarian Republic.

They don’t even know, then how will be selected. They will bite the dust if you try to set foot on our homeland. We will become for them another Vietnam, they are a nightmare.Dosado Cableoperator of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela

With this statement he made at the meeting of the Constitutional Assembly, which discussed the actions of “traitors,” the newspaper notes.

Before that, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro called on the army to be prepared to repel U.S. aggression and said about the need not to weaken the combat readiness even for a second. Maduro also stressed that trump spoke about the possibility of a military operation on the territory of the Republic after a visit to Washington by representatives of the Venezuelan opposition.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the scenario of military intervention in Venezuela is unacceptable. The Ministry assured that such actions will only aggravate the situation in the country.