Trump excoriated Germany for Russian gas

Trump excoriated Germany for Russian gas

The President of the United States Donald trump criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel for what the authorities don’t spend enough money on defence, prefer to pay Russia billions for oil and gas supplies. Such statement the US President made in a speech in Montana, according to Breitbeit.

According to the American leader, deficiency costs Germany’s defense has on the us budget, who is forced to spend on the maintenance of NATO billions of dollars.

“They go and agree on new gas deal, oil and gas from Russia, which they pay the bills millions of dollars, right? Now, they want protection from Russia, but pay her billions, and we are like stupid paying for all of it,” said trump.

He assured that he will force all NATO members to pay the necessary contributions. As an example of the inconsistency of the trump led the share of GDP that spend the United States and Germany on defence.

“They are killing us. We spend four percent of our huge GDP. And Germany, Germany is the largest economy in the EU is only one percent,” — said the American President.

The publication says that Germany spends on NATO 1.24 percent of GDP, while the level of spending will grow only by 2024, when the country would bring this figure up to 1.5 per cent of GDP. The United States spends on NATO 3.58 percent of GDP — more than any other members of the military Alliance.

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