Trump called “stupid” those who are against normalization of relations with Russia

Trump called “stupid” those who are against normalization of relations with Russia

The US President expressed positive views about the upcoming meeting with Putin at the rally in Montana. Trump is sure that he will be able to “get along” with the Russian leader.

The President of the United States Donald trump at a rally in Montana, made a statement about the upcoming meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to be held in Helsinki on 16 July. In particular, he called “stupid” those people who are against normalization of relations with Russia. It is reported by CNN.

The speech of Donald trump in front of supporters known for its specific format: the American leader just stands in front of the microphone and begins to talk on various topics. Speech usually don’t have any structure and are more like stream of consciousness. So, at the meeting of July 5, trump managed to tie the funding of NATO, the “North stream — 2”, meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the US military budget:

“We pay 4% of a huge GDP, which was much more since I became your President. But Germany, the largest country of the European Union that pays 1%. I said, you know, angel, I can’t guarantee anything, but we protect you, for you it means a lot more than protecting us, I don’t know how much protection we get, protecting you. They conclude a gas deal, which paid Russia billions of dollars. That is, they want protection from Russia, but pay her billions of dollars, and we — the Goonies, who all pay for it. By the way, I have to say that ever since I came almost 33 billion dollars must be added to the NATO budget, but not enough. And then they’ll say, yeah, he’s angry at NATO, so he loves Russia”.

I love Russia! I’m meeting with President Putin next week. To find a common language with Russia to find a common language with China, to find a common language with other countries is good, not bad.

“Well, except for stupid people, for politicians, because they are not stupid, but simply in the way, I say I’m going to ask Putin a question: how do you become since then, like the trump? We have just increased our military spending, now it is 700 billion dollars. In Russia, probably, say: if we this guy was interested in her, we are greatly mistaken, would be better to have a corrupt Hillary Clinton.”

What can be considered the statements of the leader of the United States, and what is just rhetoric, the policy is not clear. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki trump to cancel is not exactly plans, despite a new poisoning “Rookie”. About how the British occurred in Amesbury can be reflected at the meeting, trump and Putin talked Georgy Bovt.