“To the last drop”. What gas stations nedolivayut gasoline and how to deal with it

“To the last drop”. What gas stations nedolivayut gasoline and how to deal with it

MOSCOW, 6 Jul — RIA Novosti, Alexander Forest. According to the Federation of Russian car owners (FAR), 76 percent of gasoline stations nedolivayut.

Cheating is serious — up to 19 percent paid for fuel. What is fueling this sin and how to deal with them — in the material RIA Novosti.

Even more expensive

In the spring due to the increase in oil prices and the weakening of the ruble risen in price gasoline. To remedy the situation, the government since June 1, has reduced the excise tax on fuel and abandoned their planned increase from 1 July. In addition, at the time of development of additional measures the Cabinet has agreed with the oil companies about price fixing on 30 may.

However, fraud, incomplete filling of fuel is able to throw it all away. Analysts HEADLIGHTS estimated that an average of such frauds each liter costs a further 11 rubles more expensive.

“Underfilling of the fuel is not only consumer fraud, but the element of unfair competition. Using underfill, unfair participants of the market actually sell fuel at a higher price”, — said the representatives of the organization.

Small players

As a rule, intentional incomplete filling of gasoline are the company that are not part of known networks, or the people involved.

NewsScandal with incomplete filling of gasoline: what turned the secret check gas station

Avtoekspert Vyacheslav Subbotin explains that major brands, long established in the market, it is not necessary for them, such an economic benefit is not comparable to reputational damage if a fraud will come to light.

Though private tankers, the price can be below don’t forget: stingy always pays twice. Therefore, the main Board for those who don’t want to deal with serious incomplete filling of fuel, is very simple: only refuel at gas stations of large networks. Otherwise, the losses can be very significant.