The participants of the nuclear deal Iran will fight for its implementation

The participants of the nuclear deal Iran will fight for its implementation

VIENNA, July 6. /TASS/ — the Parties agreed “to protect companies from the extraterritorial effect of US sanctions”.

The results of the Ministerial meeting of Iran and the “five” of international mediators (Russia, China, Britain, Germany and France) for a Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program (SVPD) demonstrated commitment of the parties to resist US pressure to carry out a nuclear agreement with Iran. At the meeting, in particular, reiterated the commitment to the conservation of oil and gas exports from Iran.

In addition, the parties agreed to maintain and develop extensive economic relations with Iran, as well as to preserve and maintain efficient financial channels with this country.

The US President Donald trump on may 8 announced the release of Washington from SVPD — transactions, which limited the nuclear program of Tehran in exchange for lifting the relevant sanctions of the Security Council (SC) of the UN and unilateral restrictions imposed by the US and the EU. He promised not only to bring back the old, but also to introduce new restrictive measures.

In turn, the leaders of Britain, Germany and France Theresa may, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel macron called on all parties to the transaction and continue fully to implement it. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the US withdrawal from the transaction a violation of UN security Council resolution and stressed that Moscow will strive for agreement, despite Washington’s plans to renew the sanctions regime against Tehran.

Save by all means

Coming out of SVPD, Washington alienated his European allies that do not wish to suffer losses and weaken the security in the region. According to the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas, a nuclear agreement with Iran makes Europe and its environment more secure. Therefore, said the Minister before the start of talks in Vienna, “we are working with France, Britain, China, Russia and Iran to protect the agreement.”

In turn, the foreign Minister of France Jean-Yves Le Drian announced that a multilateral response to US sanctions against Iran and trading with it of enterprises should be developed by November. Speaking on Friday on air of radio station RTL, the Minister noted that “this topic is on the agenda.”

“The sanctions (imposed by the USA approx. TASS) will begin to operate in August, he said. — Before we got too little time. But by November, when the expected second wave, we need to develop solutions.” According to Le Drian, “extraterritorial measures of the United States, in fact aimed against all of the firms operations in dollars.” “It is therefore necessary to generate a response in cooperation with our partners”, — said the Minister, adding that it must be a response that “would allow Iran to continue to trade until it complies with its obligations.”

Le Drian also stressed that the policy waged by the United States, should be “destructive logic, when every man for himself”. “Tomorrow the U.S. will suffer,” warned the Minister.Intend to protect

Published following the meeting in Vienna of the Joint statement of the Commission on the implementation of Iran nuclear deal on the level of foreign Ministers confirmed the intention of all the participants not only to implement the provisions of the AGREEMENT, but to defend themselves from the actions of the United States. Thus, in particular, the parties intend to preserve oil and gas exports, petroleum products and petrochemical products from Iran. In addition, they agreed “to protect companies from the extraterritorial effect of US sanctions”.

The participants in the Vienna Ministerial meeting expressed confidence that economic cooperation will keep the agreement on the Iranian atom, to develop economic ties with Tehran and to maintain effective financial channels with it. The Ministers also announced the intention of their countries to encourage further investments in Iran, to ensure the interaction of the private and public sectors of the economy, including through business councils.

In addition, the statement stressed that the EU is in the process of updating the blocking Statute which declares null and void US sanctions on the territory of the community. “The EU also extends the mandate of the European investment Bank’s external lending to spread to Iran,” the document says.