The couple found a “greetings from the past” during repairs in the bathroom (photos)

The couple found a “greetings from the past” during repairs in the bathroom (photos)

Renovation is always a stressful and emotional experience, but not only for Alex and Jess Manny from San Jose, which is spent nerves got a real adventure.

Deciding to upgrade your bathroom in your new house, the couple stumbled upon a nice, but very unexpected message left to them by the former owners of the building.

The wall was mounted a plaque with a photo of the spouses who previously lived in the house, as well as the their cute pet rabbit named Casey.

In Search of…the Shinsekis

— YOMYOMF (@yomyomf) July 5, 2018

The photos attached and comments:

Hi! Is Shinseki! We do repairs in this bathroom in 1995. If you are reading this post, then you too have decided to make the repairs. What you don’t like our version?

The rabbit also left without a signature: “hi! I’m a rabbit Casey. I also lived here (and I’m accustomed to the tray!). I’m going to be following Codberry Bunny (rabbit-TV star of advertising chocolate eggs)”.

His discovery of the new owner of the house Alex was posted on Twitter and within hours it became popular. Moreover, the comments came people who tried to find (or learn) the former owners who left such a fun blast from the past. In the end, users coped with the task — the photo was a cousin of the famous General of the USA Eric, Shinkei with his wife. This was told by the girl Elissa, being the granddaughter of heroes.