In the United States have opened access to 250 videos of nuclear tests of the 50-ies and 60-ies

In the United States have opened access to 250 videos of nuclear tests of the 50-ies and 60-ies NEW YORK, July 5. /TASS/ — the Video posted on its YouTube channel of the Lawrence Livermore national laboratory name Lawrence, which is developing nuclear weapons. Lawrence Livermore national laboratory, the Lawrence, engaged in the development of U.S. nuclear weapons, in his account on YouTube has posted more than 250 videos of nuclear tests that were conducted in the mid-twentieth century. As reported on Thursday, the Internet portal of the Motherboard, the publication of these videos carried out in the framework of the digitization and study of materials describing the test in a number of programs. During the download an error has occurred. So, the message reads portal, a video is related to the “Operation “Teapot”” (14 explosions at the site in Nevada in 1955), “Operation”, Hardtek-2″” (series of 37 nuclear explosions

In Germany reached agreement on migration

In Germany reached agreement on migration BERLIN, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. The leader of the Social democratic party of Germany Andrea Nales said that the government managed to reach agreement on the migrants. The coalition agreed not to impose unilateral national measures and not to deny migrants entry at the border. Instead, it will set an expedited procedure for consideration of applications for entry into the country. According to Sales, it does not have to change the law. “Will not be created in the camps, and the party in any case never were willing to discuss it”, — the politician noted. She promised that the law will contribute to the government before the end of the year. In addition, the party leader said that illegal immigrants who are already in Germany, will accelerate the process of obtaining refugee status. A compromise solution On Monday, the interior Minister of Germany

Who earns on the exam

Who earns on the exam In 2009, Russia was one of the most ambitious reforms in the history of the country. A necessary condition for obtaining a high school diploma, became successful passing of the exam in Russian language and mathematics, and the exam turned out to be the main option for entering the University. This change has affected every Russian family. The same tasks and independent of the school and of the University, the test helped to overcome age-old inequalities between students from Moscow and regions. However, with this increased competition for places and, consequently, increased the market for services related to the preparation for the exam. Samizdat “dear Sir, Yes you transformer” considered as “white” and “black” markets school exams. One of the reasons for the introduction of CSE was established in Soviet time, the practice of “targeted tutoring”: parents tried to send their children to private lessons

Family loan

Family loan If you dumped girlfriend and you want to show your colleagues that you recover quickly after a breakup or trying not to go crazy from loneliness after the death of relatives, that can help actors. Japanese Yuichi Ishii a few years ago invented a new method of psychotherapy, establishing the Family Romance, which leases the family members of those who are sorely lacking. They get used to a new role and operate on a strict schedule. At the request of samizdat journalist Veronika Chuprova retells the story of Ishii and Yuichi discovers psychologists why such a service is actually not very exotic. From Ishii Yuichi, founder of Family Romance and hero article in The New Yorker, there are two favorite things: the craft of acting and help people. To combine these two passions have been eleven years ago. His girlfriend, a single mother, could not arrange his daughter

Of the things raised from the bottom of the canals of Amsterdam, did an online Museum

Of the things raised from the bottom of the canals of Amsterdam, did an online Museum The builders of the subway 20 metres dug into the cultural layer at the bottom of the Amsterdam canals, where eight hundred years had rested accidentally and specially thrown into the water objects, from medieval jewelry to Pokemopolis. In 2003 in Amsterdam have started digging a new metro line and drained two channel, Damrak and Rokin. Until then, for many centuries, these branches of the river Amstel was lively transport routes. In addition, to their dark waters, the townspeople threw everything — trash, unnecessary items and things that need to get rid of. Metro builders has deepened and widened the channels of the former; for it they had 20 metres to take in the cultural layer. For construction work, they found more than 700 thousand artifacts, some Dating back to the XIII century. All

Source: underwater cruiser “eagle” will participate in Navy Day celebration in St. Petersburg

Nuclear submarine missile cruiser “eagle” © Andrei Luzik/press service of the Northern fleet/TASS MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. Underwater nuclear submarine “eagle” project 949A “Antey” will come from the Northern fleet and is the largest participant in the parade in St. Petersburg dedicated to the Day of the Navy (Navy). This was reported by TASS source in the military-industrial complex.

Venezuela has threatened to make US “another Vietnam”

Venezuela has threatened to make US “another Vietnam” MOSCOW, 5 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela Diosado Cabello warned the US to arrange “another Vietnam” in case the us government decides to invade the country. About it reports newspaper El Tiempo. Earlier media reported that in August last year Donald trump at the meeting, which discussed sanctions against Venezuela, asked his advisers the question of the possibility of military intervention on the territory of the Bolivarian Republic. They don’t even know, then how will be selected. They will bite the dust if you try to set foot on our homeland. We will become for them another Vietnam, they are a nightmare.Dosado Cableoperator of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela With this statement he made at the meeting of the Constitutional Assembly, which discussed the actions of “traitors,” the newspaper notes. Before that, the President of

The EU has extended for six months economic sanctions against Russia

The EU has extended for six months economic sanctions against Russia BRUSSELS, 5 July. /TASS/. The European Union extended by six months economic sanctions against Russia, which expire at the end of July. This was reported in the press service of the EU Council. “July 5, 2018, the Council extended the economic sanctions aimed at specific sectors of the Russian economy, until January 31, 2019,” reads the Council statement. The document explains that the decision came after the EU summit, where the leaders of France and Germany informed the other heads of state and government on the implementation of the Minsk agreements. It will be published in the EU Official journal on Monday, July 9, and will enter into force. The sanctions against Russia. Against Russia there are several packages of sanctions of the EU: economic, individual restrictive measures and sanctions on the Crimea. Sectoral measures were originally introduced on

Zakharova said about the ongoing “Russophobic campaign” in Britain

Zakharova said about the ongoing “Russophobic campaign” in Britain MOSCOW, 5 Jul — RIA Novosti. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova urged the British authorities to worry about its own citizens inside the country and not worry about the British fans in Russia. According to her, in this sense, the question of inventing ridiculous stories are on the frontline of the British media. “I’m not talking about (the head of the foreign office — ed.) Boris Johnson and his predictions, comparisons, and epithets. Also noted the Prime Minister of the UK (Theresa may — ed.) — she voiced your concerns for the safety of English fans in Russia. Better about the safety of British subjects in the territory of the country of thought”, — said Zakharov. The official representative of the foreign Ministry assured that in Russia everything is good with the fans, and invited Mae to