In Australia, the heat melted the asphalt (photo)

In Australia, the heat melted the asphalt (photo)

While the UK is dying from the heat, and in Africa make snowmen, people in Australia enjoy both.

In late June, not far from Melbourne, the snow fell, making it one day the coldest city on Earth, but after a week in the neighbouring state of Queensland in the city Tarzali from the heat began to melt the asphalt.

Melting asphalt on a recently resurfaced road in far North Australia melted around car tyres and seriously damaged dozens of vehicles, causing traffic chaos and leaving motorists outrageous.

— Ozone Reporters (@ozonereporters) July 5, 2018

Due to the high temperature of the road was so hot that it turned into a hot lava pavement and wound sticking to the wheels of passing cars, and eventually a dangerous stretch of highway was closed. Local authorities have promised to compensate affected drivers and their more than 50.

Melting bitumen leaves motorists ‘sinking’ into Queensland road, destroys tyres

— ABC Brisbane (@abcbrisbane) July 4, 2018

A road in Australia melted on Tuesday, leaving drivers with tires 50 coated in asphalt

— TIME (@TIME) July 5, 2018