Created a camera that turns photos into drawings

Created a camera that turns photos into drawings

However, the result is not yet perfect.

For thousands of years people have painted themselves and the world with the help of improvised means, until there is a camera, which has significantly simplified the life of all. But people decided to return “to the roots” and made from photos, drawings. The circle is closed thanks to artificial intelligence.

Polaroid-style camera that produces cartoon drawings, by Dan Macnish using a @Raspberry_Pi and @Google #QuickDraw: I <3 this! #weekendproject #art #hacking cc @MetalabVie @MakespaceMadrid

— Karin Kosina (@kyrah) July 5, 2018

Australian engineer Dan McNish has created a test version of the camera with instant print Draw This (“draw it”). The basis of the invention a special program that is able to recognize objects and people in the scene and pick the appropriate image. Primitive drawings, which are obtained at the outlet, here for a reason — these are the images the neural network to recognize best.

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While a unique camera is only half doing its job — it quickly prints the resulting image, but she chooses it is not very accurate. There are also problems with the recognition of objects in the frame. But the author of its development, is very proud and considers it unique. You never know how the camera saw and what awaits you in the end.