A river in Britain was covered with soap foam

A river in Britain was covered with soap foam

All because of the chemicals trapped in the water.

The inhabitants of the British Brackley was horrified seeing is the river great Ouse lather. According to witnesses, the water was white with obvious chemical smell. While it is foamed, and in different directions scattered bubbles, which resembled an exploding washing machine.

Our officers are working around the clock to record evidence and collect water samples to understand the environmental impact following a pollution incident in the River Great Ouse last week pic.twitter.com/h9jnImzvqW

— EnvAgencyAnglia (@EnvAgencyAnglia) July 4, 2018

City officials and environmentalists immediately took over the investigation of the damage.

According to them, has killed more than 2 thousand fish and other river inhabitants.

And that’s just within the 24-kilometer stretch, which was able to explore.

According to the preliminary version, due to the recent fire at the industrial area of Brackley was in an accident in the river came the chemicals. Unfortunately, to assess the damage difficult. In the same way as to clean the river from pollutants.

River turns into giant bubble bath after chemical spill https://t.co/RAAgzm5CBK

— Metro (@MetroUK) November 5, 2018

Recall that a similar incident occurred recently in China. There’s a river has acquired a blood red color due to water trapped in the paint.

Buckingham’s river great Ouse has been Polluted I’m understanding by a fire in Brackley Clearly Chemicals Have got into the water course & wiped out all our fish terrible disaster who’s was responsible for this pollution @BuckinghamTC @misshoknews @CllrWarrenWhyte @mycountycouncil pic.twitter.com/BnFKUhLM9y

— Robin Stuchbury (@stuchburyrobin) June 30, 2018