80-year-old pensioner from South Africa came by car to London to see his daughter

80-year-old pensioner from South Africa came by car to London to see his daughter

When you’re young at heart and crave adventure.

80-year-old Julia Alba from Cape town is not like most of their peers. She just loves adventure, and his 20-year-old car, where she participates in a local rally, and travels a lot.

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In 2016 Julia had already come to the pages of foreign media, then it traveled to his car the whole of Africa. But this time the pensioner was outdone yourself.

Without a shadow of fear and embarrassment Alba went from Cape town to London to visit his daughter.

Traveling 12,000 kilometers like it was nothing! 80-year-old Julia Albu spent a year driving from Cape Town to London to meet her daughter. (Photo: VCG) pic.twitter.com/kxaxCikP9Q

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In total it traveled 12 thousand miles and it took exactly a year.

All this time Julia was leading an online diary in which told about their adventures and show photos and videos. In the words of a desperate woman, her car, which she affectionately calls Tracy, never failed and broke.

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The adventures Alby watched not only relatives and journalists but also for numerous army of fans, among whom were influential businessmen, who decided to sponsor the trip. So the woman didn’t even have to spend much.

In London, she got in the end of June. When Julia will go back — haven’t decided yet.

All dolled up with km’s to go!

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