The mother of a disabled child did not want to sell diazepam, the lawyer said

The mother of a disabled child did not want to sell diazepam, the lawyer said

MOSCOW, 5 Jul — RIA Novosti. The mother of a child with a disability Catherine Connoway, accused in the sale of potent tranquilizer diazepam prescription, there was no intent on the sale, she never tried to earn on its sale, said to RIA Novosti her lawyer, Yury Manukyan.

Previously on the website there was a petition demanding to close the criminal case concerning mother of six-year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy. As stated in the petition, Muscovite bought on an online forum diazepam in microclyster, which is not registered in Russia. Later in the children’s hospice, the woman was advised to obtain free through the clinic diazepam ampoules. The remaining five mikroklizm Muscovite tried to resell on the same forum, but was detained by the police. Against her brought the case.

“If you follow the letter of the law, in its pure form, Catherine was no intent on the sale, that is a form of guilt in the form of direct intent, which is supposed to be in this offense. She didn’t know that sells a prohibited substance. Confirmation of this — she did not use the methods of anonymization itself, sold from your account “Vkontakte”, the open group, this account is linked to her number, which she enjoyed for 15 years, talks about meeting it (led) also from your rooms,” — said Manukyan.

He does not deny the fact of sale of the substances, turnover of which is controlled, but emphasizes that Konnova was not aimed at profit, as it sold the drug cheaper than purchased it myself. Also, the lawyer stressed that his client was moving rather humane motives.

“About the profit there is no speech could not go, and from the point of view of the spirit of the law, and the terms of the letter of the law absent the subjective side of the crime. The mental attitude of the accused to a perfect act — she didn’t want to sell a psychotropic substance, it is believed that sells the remains of children’s medicines. Thus she wanted to correct conditional financial situation in 3 thousand rubles to buy some other medicines, and, in particular, there are other children who need the same. Among the mothers who were in a similar situation, this is normal, they are looking for any ways to ease the pain and suffering of their children. And when the medication is not registered, they buy it on the black market”, — said the lawyer.