The expert explained the Google Docs data breach negligence of users

The expert explained the Google Docs data breach negligence of users

MOSCOW, 5 Jul — RIA Novosti. Users are to blame for the results of their documents from Google Docs and Google Drive in search system “Yandex”, as when you create a Google Doc offers several options for access, particularly public access for search and browse, said the head of the Department of system solutions Group-IB Anton Fishman.

Previously, users of social networks reported that “Yandex” has begun to issue in search of documents from Google Docs and Google Drive, which can be passwords and personal user data. In Group-IB said that about 1:10, Moscow time, “Yandex” has ceased to index the results by address queries on the link “password”, “database”, “prices”, “kickbacks” stopped issuing reference tables and documents.

“This is not a leak of confidential data, and the obvious negligence of the users of Google Docs and Google Drive. When you create a file in Google Drive, you have several options for choosing access it. If you have configured the tick box next to “available for searching and browsing” — your file may be indexed by search engines. Google warns users that the search will be possible. “Yandex” also does not break anything,” explained Fishman Telegram-channel Group-IB.

In General, the company does not recommend users to share critical information through the transmission access, and all documents that are uploaded to cloud storage, be sure to protect the password — so the search engines can index. For storing passwords there are special programs that you can and should use, the expert said.