The American won the contest by eating ten minutes 27 burgers (video)

The American won the contest by eating ten minutes 27 burgers (video)

She wins for the fourth time.

In honor of Independence Day, celebrated annually on 4th July across the country held mass festivals and fairs with contests. Traditional championship on eating burgers in Washington featured a California resident Molly Schuyler.

Eat as much as you could: Molly Schuyler won the 9th Annual Independence Burger Eating Championship by consuming 27 burgers in 10 minutes. (Photo: VCG)

— China Daily (@ChinaDailyUSA) October 4, 2018

The mother of four children, which, incidentally, weighs only 56 kilos, ten minutes mastered as many as 27 of burgers, becoming the absolute winner.

Molly tried not in vain — she got a cash prize of $ 1500. By the way, this year the championship on eating burgers, she won for the fourth time.

Second place in this mouth-watering battle went to Dan Kennedy, who managed to eat 24 burgers. The competition was attended by nine people. According to the rules, contestants must eat the maximum number of sandwiches, and then wait another two minutes (in case someone is sick). In this case, the competitor is disqualified.

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