Romantic penguins won the Internet

Romantic penguins won the Internet

They look like a real couple in love.

What could be more romantic than these frames with two penguins that are walking on the beach, touching flippers, as if holding hands. A girl posted a video on Twitter explaining that her aunt took him to South Africa. The video has been seen by 2.4 million people, 45 thousand retweets made.

my aunt just came back from South Africa and she sent me this video she took of this lil penguin couple ?

— ? (@freakingdani) July 2, 2018

Someone was surprised that the penguins were in Africa. They explained that these animals live not only in Antarctica, there are African penguins who like warm climate. And they are monogamous, which makes this video even more moving. Some even envy the pair, writing, “these penguins better relationship than I have.” “My planet” reported that the lizards, too, are romantics.