Players will save the dive. Russia is ready to help Thailand to pull the children out of the flooded caves

Players will save the dive. Russia is ready to help Thailand to pull the children out of the flooded caves

EMERCOM of Russia reported Thai colleagues about their willingness to help in the rescue of 12 children, stuck in the cave. This was stated today by the Deputy Director of the readiness of forces and special fire protection of the Department Konstantin Kondakov, reports “Interfax”. While the query on the Thailand side have been reported.


In Thailand, June 23 football team “Wild boars” from 12 children aged 11 to 16 years and their 25-year-old coach was walking in a mountain Park in Northern Thailand, and went into the cave complex of Tham Luang Nang Non, the length of which is about 10 km due to the strong downpour part of the cave was flooded and children could not go. Ten days the Thai military led a search involving divers and speleologists and with the assistance of international experts, including from USA, UK, Australia and China.

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Kids and coach 2 Jul 4 km from the entrance to the cave called “Pattaya beach” found by British divers John Volanthen and Richard Stanton. The children sat in the dark on an acting above the water a small plot of land. They were depleted. They immediately delivered the food, chemical lamps, medicines and rescue blankets with an aluminum coating. Already obtained video footage from the cave on which young players assert that they are right, and thank the rescuers.

According to the military, children are asked all the time about the results of matches of world football championship in Russia.

As Thailand began the rainy season, save the children has proved to be difficult. Ukrainian diving instructor Vsevolod Boxes, helping the Thai military in the operation, explained in an interview with “Kommersant FM” that there are two options for further action to save the children: to wait until the end of the rainy season, or to teach them how to use scuba equipment and spend 4 km to the caves to the exit.

They are unlikely to die, because they quite successfully are in the area, which is almost never flooded. That is, the water level may rise so that they find yourself in it. In fact, initially, the Thais had counted on that — that, most likely, the children will have to leave there, but to bring to them the necessary amount of supplies, medicines, to make close to them were professionals-doctors, to hold back the bond. That is, there is a possibility that four or five months the children will carry along with military specialists.Vsevolod Cerebovascular diving

According to Mr Korobov, learn to dive is not difficult, more problems can deliver a psychological factor, as the water is very turbid, and the light in it will not help, and the children will not only go in a straight line in a strong flow of water, but and down, following the curves of the narrow cave.

While the leaders of the operation choose further plan of action, divers are installed in the caves pegs with strained ropes to quickly navigate. In dry areas create warehouses of food and oxygen cylinders. Also oxygen is injected into the grotto, where the children are. The first priority is to establish a direct connection with the grotto, so parents could talk with their children. The first attempts to lay a phone line failed — it was damaged during the next rains. As a result, the cave was delivered “an old military handset” and with the coil wire, reports CNN.

It is not excluded that the first attempts to bring children to freedom will be held in the next two days. The fact that weekend and the following days in Thailand are projected heavy rains that threaten to raise the water level in the caves. As reported by AP, the Governor of Chiang Rai province Narongsak Oskoltelecom told reporters that he gave the Executive order to hold 13 sets of equipment for diving. He explained that children will not be able to leave at the same time, and rescuers will decide on the basis of their condition.

Previously, attempts were made to dig a new entrance to the cave.

Was scheduled 13 points, drilled three holes, one of which with a depth of 400 m. But this plan was abandoned. Now the military team looking for possible holes in the grotto, where there are children, because, according to the boys, they heard coming from the surface sounds.

The operation followed the king of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn (Frame X). With words of encouragement to the young players also asked Mario Sepulveda, one of 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in flooded mine in 2010 and waited the help of rescuers 69 days.