Nearly half of Americans called trump a racist

Nearly half of Americans called trump a racist

Moscow. The 4th of July. INTERFAX.RU — the results of the survey Quinnipac University (USA) showed that 49% of Americans believe US President Donald trump a racist.

However, according to data published on the website of the educational institution, 47% of American citizens do not believe that the head of state is racist.

At the same time, the survey results indicate that most U.S. voters negatively assess the personality traits of the President.

So, about 58% of the respondents believe trump an honest man, and about 55% of respondents think that the current US President does not have the necessary leadership qualities and does not care about the interests of ordinary Americans.

In addition, the results of the survey showed that about 53% of American voters approve of trump’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The positive attitude of the meeting was expressed by mainly the Republicans — they made up 87% of the respondents endorsing the summit of heads of state of Russia and the USA, to be held on 16 July in Helsinki.

Previously members of the US Democratic party has repeatedly accused the President of racism. Most of these charges were related to the migration policy of the American administration.

Trump himself has always denied such allegations. So, talking to reporters earlier this year, he said: “I’m the most non-racist person who you’ve ever interviewed”.

The survey Quinnipac University was held from 27 June to 1 July. It took part 1020 American citizens.