Canadian police angered the Japanese “unthinkable” act

Canadian police angered the Japanese “unthinkable” act

MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Japanese Yuma Tsugaru, visited Vancouver during the Canada Day, took a picture of two canadian police officers, which angered many Twitter users. This writes the portal Sora News.

The occasion was the coffee, which they drank while on duty. The portal noted that in Japan, their act would be considered unprofessional.

警官”どうして俺たちのスタバのコーヒーを撮りたいの?え、公務員が仕事中にコーヒーを飲んでたら日本では問題視される?ww それは…そうか。コーヒーだけじゃなくて俺たちの顔を含めて撮りなよ。撮ったら見せてなwそしたらSNSで日本に伝えちゃって。コーヒーは何も問題でない。Happy Canada Day!!”

— 佑馬 (@YumaTsuhara) July 2, 2018.

As he noted Tsugaru, the police were very surprised to learn that in Japan, even civil servants could be problems if they drank coffee while working. They let him take a picture of yourself. “Let people know that Canada is not a problem,” they said.

Two days tweet retweeted 88 thousand times, photography has supplied more than 184 thousand likes.

Some users protested and said that the police for quick response needed free hands. Many, meanwhile, sided with Canadians, noting in particular that they are buying coffee from ordinary people, become closer to the people.