Trump wanted privacy in his conversation with Putin

Trump wanted privacy in his conversation with Putin

The President of the United States Donald trump wants to hold a confidential conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the summit in Helsinki, which will be held July 16. It is reported by CNN.

A source familiar with the preparations of the summit, said that trump will meet with Putin in person before allow other delegations to join in the discussion with the Russian leader.

The American President argued before the talks in Singapore that wants to “appreciate the chemistry” with Kim Jong-UN. Trump is familiar with the peculiarities of communication with Putin, but he needs more time to establish a relationship as heads of state, reports the source.

Earlier, on 12 June, during the summit in Singapore, us President and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN spoke for about an hour just in the presence of their translators. Coming to the journalists, trump said that the talks were “very, very good.”

The meeting of the leaders of the USA and Russia will take place on 16 July in Helsinki. The heads of state will discuss prospects of further development of relations between Moscow and Washington, as well as topical issues on the international agenda. Trump is going to discuss with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, the “interference” of Moscow in the American elections and other issues.

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