Roskoshestvo told how to choose a tasty watermelon

Roskoshestvo told how to choose a tasty watermelon

MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Roskoshestvo will conduct a study on the quality of the watermelons in Russia, comparing the berries that are sold in shops, bazaars and even in cars; it has also prepared recommendations that you need to pay attention to choose a good watermelon.

“In the study, Roskoshestvo compare early and late watermelons, which are sold in different points of sale: supermarkets, market stalls and even in the body of the car “on the road”. The experts will check whether there is a difference between where to buy watermelons, and does the place of sales to their quality and safety”, — is spoken in the message of the organization.

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Watermelons will be checked for 174 parameters. In particular, in the laboratory, experts will check the microbiological parameters, as well as conduct research on contamination by pests, securityname fungal diseases and viral diseases.

“In addition, by analogy with the practice of foreign organizations carrying out comparative testing of products and monitoring of the quality of products, a professional certified sommelier will conduct a sensory evaluation of the product (smell and taste, as the fruit and degree of ripeness),” — said Roskoshestvo.

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An important aspect of the study will be the validation of watermelons for the presence of nitrates and pesticides. The Director of the research Department of Roskoshestvo Liudmila Vikulova noted that one of the most common questions about the watermelons — are they nitrates.