In the Duma, explained the initiative on adding individuals to the media-registered as a foreign agent

In the Duma, explained the initiative on adding individuals to the media-registered as a foreign agent

Moscow. July 3. INTERFAX.RU — Individuals who distribute media materials-inherent and receiving funding from abroad, can also become media-noagenda, follows from amendments prepared for the second reading of the bill.

“We said that, for individuals in order to get the list of media-registered as foreign agents, it is necessary to receive funds from abroad and distribute media materials-noagent”, — told reporters on Tuesday the Chairman of the Committee on information policy Leonid Levin.

According to him, thus excludes “concerns that any blogger, just reprints information media-inherent, may suffer,” he added.

Levin added that “to further protect individuals from accidental decisions” the authority to specify the media-registered as foreign agents from the justice Department gave the Prosecutor’s office, which will make such a decision with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

For individuals that will get the status of the media imagenow will be subject to the requirements of the law on non-profit organizations — they are required to label materials, to undergo annual audits and to report on activities every six months.

Also, the amendments to the second reading “is excluded measure on pre-trial blocking” media-registered as foreign agents in case of violations.

Earlier on Tuesday the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that the amendments to the law on mass media — foreign agents, “allowing you to burn them all who cooperate with them, will be approved on Tuesday the state Duma Committee on information policy”. According to the newspaper, to pass the bill in the second reading is scheduled for next week.

ReferenceLaw on foreign agents in the media. How it will work? What’s peculiar about him?

The state Duma has prepared amendments to the law “On mass media”, which will allow the individual to recognize the media foreign agents.

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