In Russia, found a shortage of missiles

In Russia, found a shortage of missiles

Russia at the current pace of production of missile weapons overtake the US in 100 years, said “National news service” a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences, the captain of the first rank Konstantin Sivkov.


“The United States have arsenals of missiles type Tomahawk about 5.5−7.5 thousand missiles. And in our country one of the new missiles, according to information from open sources, it is planned to purchase [quantity] 50 pieces per year. That is, to build an Arsenal, like the U.S., need to work more than 100 years”, — explained the expert.

According to him, “we have missiles great, but it is not enough troops,” while “the Americans have weapons worse than ours, but many in the army.”

In July 2018, it became known that Russia has completed the testing of long-range 40N6 missiles for anti-aircraft missile system s-400.