British intelligence suspected the application in Amesbury similar to the “Beginner” stuff

British intelligence suspected the application in Amesbury similar to the “Beginner” stuff

Moscow. The 4th of July. INTERFAX.RU — the heads of the security services in the UK, investigating the poisoning of a pair near Salisbury, fear that could be applied a substance similar to nerve gas a “Newbie”, which in March 2018 in Salisbury poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter. It is reported by British newspaper the Sun with reference to the sources.

“Security chiefs fear that this couple fell under the influence of nerve-substance, similar to that which was used for poisoning Sergei Skripal,” writes the newspaper.

“Doctors have found that the couple was poisoned by toxic substances that cause similar symptoms, as in the case of former Russian intelligence Colonel and his daughter Julia,” continues the publication.

At the same time, according to the San, any information about a possible connection of new victims of poisoning with Russia or the Russian special services is missing.

Earlier it became known that the police officers investigating the incident in Amesbury, sent the collected samples to Porton Down in the same laboratory that analysed the samples after poisoning Skrobala.

Earlier Wednesday, police Wiltshire reported that two people were discovered in Amesbury near Salisbury in an unconscious state as a result of exposure to an unknown substance.

In Salisbury, in March 2018, an incident occurred with the former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, who, on the approval of the British authorities was poisoned chemical “Beginner”. London accuses Russia of involvement in the assassination, Moscow denies all the charges.