Who are these Britons, which found teenagers in a cave in Thailand?

Who are these Britons, which found teenagers in a cave in Thailand?

The whole world is watching as the rescue 12 teenagers and a 25-year-old coach of their football team, who were found living in caves in Thailand after nine days of searching.


Missing found two British diver John Volanthen and Richard Stanton, who had been asked to help the Thai authorities.

The British Council for the salvation of the caves (BCRC) announced that three British divers Valentin, Stanton and Robert Harper arrived in Thailand three days after the teenagers got out of the caves and their relatives raised the alarm.

According to representatives of the BCRC, British divers are familiar with the caves of Tham Luang Nang Non and know most of their branches, stretching for almost five kilometres. Visitors are usually permitted to go deep into not more than 800 meters, because in caves it is difficult to navigate.

In a video released the voices of two British — as far as we know, John Valentina and Richard Stanton, who was found asking teenagers if they’re all in place, and the promise that they would soon be rescued.

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Hear how one teenager says he is very happy to hear of lifeguards and a voice with a British accent says that he is happy too. Now begins the operation to remove adolescents from the caves. The efforts of rescuers hampered by rising waters and mud.

As far as we know, John Volanthen and Richard Stanton volunteering in the rescue team from caves in South Wales. In 2010, they saved a man lost in a cave in France. They searched for him for eight days. The rescue team South Wales has not commented on these reports and BCRC says he never reported the names of their rescuers, so that the journalists did not distract them from working with interview requests.

In the reports about the dramatic rescue of a man from the French caves, in 2010 it was said that Richard Stanton is a fireman in the English Coventry and helped save 13 British divers in Mexico in 2004. John Volanthen — a network engineer from Bristol.