The sky over San Francisco was painted in orange color (photo)

The sky over San Francisco was painted in orange color (photo)

And all because of the forest fires that are raging in the vicinity of the city for more than a week.

The heat and strong winds led to massive fires in San Francisco. Due to ash and smoke in the sky over the city was painted in orange color.

San Francisco sky is bizarre right now. Rayleigh scattering through this cloud is depleting all the blues and leaving us with a sepia sky.

— Rick Zuzow (@RickZuzow) July 1, 2018

The people EN masse to share in the social networks post-apocalyptic photos and videos.

Users report that this is the natural color of the sky and all the photos were taken without a filter.

Amber sky at dawn? There’s a low cloud layer/light fog in the air that’s casting a very eerie light over San Francisco at the moment. Perhaps we’re getting the smoke from a wildfire? Dust from the Sahara?#TentOnTheRoof’InExile

— aHEMagain ❌ (@aHEM_again) July 1, 2018

As you know, the sky can change color not only because of the smoke, but because of the sand. So, in mid-April, a huge wall of sand covered the Iranian city of Yazd.

San Francisco Sky today. No filter. ?

— Alex Shyba (@alexshyba) July 1, 2018


— Enrique Patino-Daly (@EP_Daly) July 1, 2018

San Francisco skies are scary looking from the Yolo County fire

— can (@can) July 1, 2018

The sky in San Francisco right now is EERIE. Some silent hill vibes going on this morning! ?

— Megan (@__MissMeg__) July 1, 2018

Apocalyptic skies today due to the fires up north #SanFrancisco

— Skylar Allen (@StyledBySkylar) July 1, 2018

San Francisco skies turn orange as wildfires return to Northern California

— John Rampton (@johnrampton) July 2, 2018

One of the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in San Francisco. The sky was on fire. No filter in this picture.

— Norm (@dirknowitzki95) July 2, 2018